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March 27, 2012


My uninvited, though not uninformed opinion is; most if not all dis-ease stems from a source causation, deeper than the symptom that appears on in the body and the body merely reflects and respond to the root of the disturbance.
The allopathic medical academia, still function on the premise man descends from apes, nor recognize a “HIGHER’ power, disregard ‘miracles’ as anecdotal with no foundation, neither acknowledge, nor attempt to treat our several bodies.
Truth compels agreement, and does not compromise with established organized ignorance.  We are a SPIRIT that has a physical experience, not a physical form in a spiritual experience.
Our individual soul is the overriding MATRIX that vibrates as energy body,  a vital body and of course the physical body,   What was long called the ‘standard school’ routinely treats, moreover ATTACKS the outer symptom, without getting to the real cause and in too many cases this creates more problems and even death.  This is known as IATROGENIC disease and is a leading cause of mortality.
Furthermore, we’re, BRAND WASHED, and ADVERSCAMED to think the allopatic, BIG PHARMA voice is the font of all wisdom, that “my body IS me, or who I am.”  and to forget that there is a greater presence within us, who through the great mystery of His Divine design divided HIS indivisible Self into multiplicity of ‘selves’ who seem as many,
but hides within us as I AM.
All of our forms, in one way or another, or at one tempo or another, whether luminous intelligence brilliant with LIGHT, or conversely completely lost, sleep walkers, dark or even evil.
However, sometimes dragged kicking and screaming, by our Creator Self, to discover our way back to our Highest Being and origin.
How do we peel the onion and get to the root of our dis-ease and restore EASE?
The allopathic answer 99.9999% of the time is never found, nor addressed.
In what is known as the Eclectic school of thought, the sole focus of Homeopathy, Vibrational, Energy, Oriental, and Naturopathic Healing Arts is to find and treat the least common and many times most subtle disturbance.
Once the root is treated, and all other layers restored, the outer ‘symptoms’ fade away.
Well there you have my unsolicited $.25 cents worth.
Would love to hear from you, please leave your comments and share this brief with anyone you wish.

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