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April 2, 2012

Visionary Leadership not failure management.

Bravery to act notslavery to convention.


A TODAY SHOW producer told me he liked the story and to submit.
Have been a loyal fan of NBC TODAY for 40 years.

Am grateful to NBC and the Chamber of Commerce for their efforts to encourage veteran employment nationwide.
We all took an oath to defend the Constitution of the United States of America
against enemies foreign and domestic, some survive some live it still.

Why were we all heroic?
Was it for polishing bathrooms with toothbrushes, learning to hurry up and wait,
marching in close order drill, taking orders from other ‘hero’s’ we thought were idiots,
living in impossible circumstances in hostile environments,
or because we merely offered ourselves as a  “costly sacrifice” upon the altar of the Supreme?
There is a silent secret medal that all servicemen and women have bestowed upon them.
It is not pinned on by an officer,
nor given for extraordinary action in battle,
nor acts of bravery beyond normal human limits.
The medal can only be seen by those who have
received one,
it’s bestowed by the Almighty,
it’s called HONOR and ‘solemn pride’ which can never be taken away.

In the real world, if you do something truly HEROIC,
many times you’re castigated by the very people you tried to help,
or neglected and forgotten,
too many live out their lives in a hospital,
many are permanently disabled,
pushed aside by the very system that employed them for cause,
or even prosecuted for defending the Constitution against domestic enemies.
My Madison Avenue career assignment ended, almost 3 years ago, when the market crashed.  At that time the news was all about ECONOMIC STIMULUS and MASSIVE BALE OUTS, of course business and bank failures and epic financial scams.
Known as perennially positive, a visionary catalyst and persistence incarnate,
unwilling to give up,
to demonstrate my will to work and personal “marketing” skills, and
modestly knew, with my broad skill set, creativity, persistence, drive, vision and years of diverse experience,
my salary range could be no less than $125,000 per year, and in New York City, a reasonable expectation.
So, decided to stand on the corner of Wall Street and Broadway,
and did for 12 weeks, 8 hours a day, 5 days a week!
Where I held a poster which said:

(see photo attached, taken by GETTY IMAGES;
published in the Wall Street Journal.)
Praised by thousands of tourists came by to give me a thumbs up and encouragement!
Some even stuffed money in my hand, though I never asked for a hand out.
I was sincerely looking for a hand-up!
WHAT I THOUGHT TO BE A HUGE BREAK THROUGH CAME, as I was interviewed for broadcast by numerous International
CABLE NEWS companies to include:
Julie Sibony and Maryse Burgot, of France2, Mr. Begnt of Cable Copenhagen, Ana Sofia Fonseca of Cable Italy, Rita Yao and Penny Wang of Cable Tai Wan, Amy Zimmer of Metro newspaper, Ken Ageyama of Nekkei, and Carter Evens of CNN, Turner Broadcasting tried, however an employment segment was graciously done by Asa Aarons, on  NY1 news.
ALL THAT ATTENTION and NO offers were forthcoming, but believe until this day,
there’s someone who understands my nature and has a career opening waiting for me!
Veteran?  Yes, you bet!
Am a Son of the American Revolution by descent of both maternal and paternal grandparents.
My dad was at Pearl Harbor.
I served ( 2) tours in Vietnam.
In our day there was conscription; we didn’t have a choice whether to serve, or not, so I enlisted.
Neither my dad, nor I, were hero’s in the classic sense, neither do we feel the world owes us a life!
Thank you for the opportunity to tell this little story perhaps it will inspire others not to give up!

Honor bound is born of an oath after all.
Kind regards,
Charles Pixley

Like sherry oak, single malt scotch, aged 25 years;

it took allot of time, care and money to get like this.


  • Determination and drive incarnate and creative sales marketing defined.
  • Enjoyed great success and endured profound failure.
  • Knowledge the assets of a company are its employees. Moreover, to increase revenue, clients, vendors, stakeholders and stockholders all must benefit equally to maintain loyalty and longevity.
  • Health Product development – generated sales over $1,000,000 per year, 3 years from start-up.
  • Authored, published, promoted and sold “Best Seller.”
  • Lectured at national and international medical conferences. Guest speaker on over 250 national and local radio talk shows and interviewed for a feature on 48 HOURS, and other National News broadcasts.
  • Retailed over $750,000 book sales for my company and millions of dollars for publishers as Public Relations media booking agent – orchestrated talk show interviews for authors to appear on local and national radio and television stations
  • Generated over $500,000,000, commercial loan originations, processed documentation, analyzed project and credit worthiness, structured the loan, and composed Executive Summaries for presentation to Underwriters and Investors.

An enlightened leader must BE enlightened and servant to those they lead.


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